Call To Artists – “How Much is Stan Wirth” Art Exhibition

stan 1E11even 2 has open invites to apply for an upcoming Art Exhibition curated by R!ch.  Below is the rundown of the exhibition.   Any questions in regards to this  exhibition can be sent to him at 

Interested Artists must submit 4 images of current work (as examples, not necessary work for the exhibition) to:  Space is limited.  If accepted: drop off dates; contracts, etc… will be made available.

Title: How Much is Stan Wirth? June 20th, 2014

(an exhibit based on a real man)

With more then 50% of the population having been divorced, and healthcare a common discussion at the office, most of us can relate to these typical water cooler discussions.  But there is one man who seemingly has been involved with every known and unknown topic in the universe.  That man is Stan Wirth.

After divorce, hospital bills, and seemingly endless trail of oddities, the question at hand is, how much is Stan worth? An average man who’s life has it’s own agenda. Stan’s daily life happenings seem to be a movie made for comedy central, as every moment carries humorous but serious outcomes.

On June 20th, 2014 you’re invited to meet real Stan Wirth and participate in the exhibition based on his life called, How Much is Stan Wirth?  This exhibition reflects Stan, an average quirky man with a seemingly un-average life.   The name Stan will also refer to “the average American” and reflects how much worth we all have (self-worth or monetary worth).   Artwork created for the exhibit should reflect common or uncommon problems we all face and or the idea of getting through these hurdles.


About e11even 2

E11even 2 is a contemporary art gallery in the 78th Street Studios, located at 1300 West 78th St. Suite 112, Cleveland OH 44102. We like to consider ourselves a fun and interactive gallery that aims to be inventive and interesting to all ages. The Gallery is owned by artists: Christina Sadowski, Billy Nainiger, and R!ch Cihlar. Hours of operation vary, and are not standard. We are open for all 3rd Friday events (5p-9p), some Smart-space events, and by appointment. To inquire about exhibiting in any upcoming shows, please review our events page and email the coordinating curator for more information.

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