Next Up… How Much is Stan Wirth?

stan bill final

photo(9)How Much is Stan Wirth?, is an exhibit based off one real mans life (but he’s not an artist).  Stan is a typical guy with a wildly eventful life.  Most of these events are not glamorous, but they make for great stories!   Check out this one night only exhibit on Friday, June 20th  and meet the real Stan Wirth, get a koozie, and hear a story or two. Be part of an event where  artists will create events, ideas, and other notes of interest to highlight Stan’s life.  Participating artists include: Christina Sadowski, Billy Nainiger, Mark Thomas, Jeff Hulligan, Diana Bjel, Sean Burns, George Kocar, Lisa Schonberg, and R!ch Cihlar.


About e11even 2

E11even 2 is a contemporary art gallery in the 78th Street Studios, located at 1300 West 78th St. Suite 112, Cleveland OH 44102. We like to consider ourselves a fun and interactive gallery that aims to be inventive and interesting to all ages. The Gallery is owned by artists: Christina Sadowski, Billy Nainiger, and R!ch Cihlar. Hours of operation vary, and are not standard. We are open for all 3rd Friday events (5p-9p), some Smart-space events, and by appointment. To inquire about exhibiting in any upcoming shows, please review our events page and email the coordinating curator for more information.

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