Board to Death: Aug 15, 2014

E11even 2’s exhibition “Board to Death”, a Skateboard Art Exhibit might just have guests taking on a new hobby. On Friday August 15th from 5-9pm, over 30 artists will have transformed over 100 skateboards in to works of art. Curator and gallery owner, R!ch Cihlar, says “There’s nothing boring about this show. Even if you’re not into skateboarding the problem solving and design work from these artists are incredible.”

The title Board to death is a play on words for those who have had creative/writers block and also using the word “board” from skateboard. This exhibition will have an array of styles, mediums, and genres to please everyone’s visual pallet.

Board to Death is a one day exhibition, featured during the 78th Street Studios 3rd Friday events. (3rd Friday events offer 40+ Galleries/Studios and nearly 180, 000 Square feet of art!)


About e11even 2

E11even 2 is a contemporary art gallery in the 78th Street Studios, located at 1300 West 78th St. Suite 112, Cleveland OH 44102. We like to consider ourselves a fun and interactive gallery that aims to be inventive and interesting to all ages. The Gallery is owned by artists: Christina Sadowski, Billy Nainiger, and R!ch Cihlar. Hours of operation vary, and are not standard. We are open for all 3rd Friday events (5p-9p), some Smart-space events, and by appointment. To inquire about exhibiting in any upcoming shows, please review our events page and email the coordinating curator for more information.

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