What’s in the Bag?

whats in the bag We are pleased to announce our next show, “What’s in the Bag?”. This exhibit allows artists to create works based on or inspired by junk drawer items in a brown paper bag. Works will include paintings, mixed media, photography, and more. Please join us on February 20 and March 20th, 2015 from 5-9pm for the opening and closing receptions of “What’s in the Bag?”  Items in the bag include: playing cards, dominos, clothes pins, keys, matches, hair pins, nail polish, metal slugs, scrabble tiles, tongue depressors/popsicle sticks, plastic army men, bottle caps, buttons, and the brown bag.

Artists Include:

1. R!ch Cihlar
2. Rick Sans
3. Sergio Andjuar II
4. David Kraska
5. Katie Harroff
6. Christina Sadowski
7. Eileen Dorsey
8. George Kocar
9. Sam Young
10. Billy Nainiger
11. Donna Fischer
12. Nicole Edwards
13. Dan Nainiger
14. Melanie Agnich
15. Paul Garcia