Peek-A-Boo at E11even 2!


Peek-A-Boo is the next “sex”hibition at E11even 2. It highlights the best features of classic Pin-Up girls. The opening reception is on Friday March 18th from 5-9p, during the 3rd Friday events at 78th Street Studios and features 16 local artists. Curator and owner, Christina Sadowski, says, “I collect pin-up girl tattoos and have always enjoyed those types of iconic images. Often people hear erotic and think dirty, but with this show the images are beautiful and classically posed nudes.” Sadowski says she doesn’t expect any controversy over the show. There are no explicit images, but does warn guests that it maybe more suited for an adult crowd.

Guests can also expect more then just art. Guest Pin-Up Queens will be on hand to enhance the atmosphere and pose with guests. Custom Peek-A-Book koozies will be given out, and Cleveland’s own Burlesque performer, Bella Sin, will give a performance at the closing reception on April 15th.

Collage 101 – Get Schooled on Mixed Media

collage 101 digital cardCollage 101 is no entry-level exhibition. This mixed media show featuring 10 artists who specialize in found objects, non-traditional collage, and fabrics. This exhibition highlights an underrated fine art medium and serves it up with an A+ grade.

Featured artists are: Diana Bjel, Nicole Edwards, Bridget Ginley, Randy Maxin, Leslie Edwards Humez, Jessica Pinsky, Billy Nainiger, R!ch Cihlar, Christina Sadowski, Mary Anne Tipple

Opening Reception January 15, 2016 5-9pm

Closing Reception February 19, 2016 5-9pm

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Rocket Signs… Literally Blasted Off!


sign 4sign 3Well by now, some of you may have seen the photos of the rocket signs hung around Cleveland last night, via Facebook. The goal was to hang them around Cleveland, have them seen throughout the week and collected by worthy fans leading up to Fridays show. Well… it was SO successful that all 9 signs were “stolen” in about 4-5 hours! That’s CRAZY and awesome! All we posted were photos of them installed. We planned on listing clues later this week, but i guess there’s no need for that anymore. I guess some people really know the Cleveland terrain. We’d like to thank those who played along, and we hope your happy with your reward. Hang it with pride in home and tell your friends the lengths you had to get them. They were bolted in to the posts with three 4 inch screws with a power drill. And i can tell you the power drill had trouble putting them in. We stripped screws and hung them high enough where a step stool or latter was needed. So they were not easy to get. As you can see in this post a photo (below) of 2 gentlemen holding their winnings in front of a Bob Peck mural. I love their photo, it says “we found them first bi@tch’s!” ha ha. And what’s great about that photo is, that all of the signs were scattered around Cleveland. They were not close to each other, so it’s not like an easter egg hunt where they’re all visible from one location. These dudes went looking, and it paid off for them. For the rest of you who wanted a piece, make sure you come to the opening. There are under 30 total pieces of Bob’s and R!ch’s and only 13 of them are collaboratives. Also, Christina Sadowski (a professional photographer) documented the full install. We’ll have some of those photos up soon. Thank you to everyone. This was fun. I think we might have to do this again sometime.
sign found 2

Brick and Barrel Tasting

E11even 2 is delighted to have Karl Spiesman, co-owner of Brick and Barrel as our guest at this upcoming Third Friday event. He will be discussing and sampling some of his tasty brews from his recently opened brewery located in the heart of the flats. This will coincide with the opening reception of our new group show, What’s In The Bag? Come enjoy some art and taste some fine beers this Friday, February 20 from 5-9. For more information on Brick and Barrel check out their website:


Call To Artists – “How Much is Stan Wirth” Art Exhibition

stan 1E11even 2 has open invites to apply for an upcoming Art Exhibition curated by R!ch.  Below is the rundown of the exhibition.   Any questions in regards to this  exhibition can be sent to him at 

Interested Artists must submit 4 images of current work (as examples, not necessary work for the exhibition) to:  Space is limited.  If accepted: drop off dates; contracts, etc… will be made available.

Title: How Much is Stan Wirth? June 20th, 2014

(an exhibit based on a real man)

With more then 50% of the population having been divorced, and healthcare a common discussion at the office, most of us can relate to these typical water cooler discussions.  But there is one man who seemingly has been involved with every known and unknown topic in the universe.  That man is Stan Wirth.

After divorce, hospital bills, and seemingly endless trail of oddities, the question at hand is, how much is Stan worth? An average man who’s life has it’s own agenda. Stan’s daily life happenings seem to be a movie made for comedy central, as every moment carries humorous but serious outcomes.

On June 20th, 2014 you’re invited to meet real Stan Wirth and participate in the exhibition based on his life called, How Much is Stan Wirth?  This exhibition reflects Stan, an average quirky man with a seemingly un-average life.   The name Stan will also refer to “the average American” and reflects how much worth we all have (self-worth or monetary worth).   Artwork created for the exhibit should reflect common or uncommon problems we all face and or the idea of getting through these hurdles.