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Don’t Panic! Tread Lightly

“Don’t Panic! Tread Lightly”

Collaborative works by R!ch Cihlar and Bob Peck

May 17 – June 21, 2019

Don’t Panic! Tread lightly is the next exhibition at E11even 2 gallery to open on Friday, May 17th from 5p-9p.  The name, ‘Don’t Panic!’,  that’s used by R!ch Cihlar and Bob Peck for their art collaborations started out as a title to bring on a sense of excitement for their initial showing together.  As R!ch and Bob ensured more live-painting events together, they realized the name could also be tied to the audience’s reaction to their process as they layer their work.  Onlookers have had shocked reactions as they watch various sections of each painting being sprayed over repeatedly by the artists, often appearing as the image is being defaced by the other before the final product is unmasked.  This dynamic duo continues to leave their imprint on the city with murals, scavenger hunts, fine art and more.  And this time, they’re back with a word of advice. “Tread Lightly”.

Works featured in the upcoming exhibition pay reverence to the little things in life.  Those that may be neglected as posing a threat or to think twice about.  R!ch says, “ When Bob and I were planning this exhibition, I was thinking about things that could really ruin your day, something like getting stung by a bee or being bit by a snake.  It may or may not kill you, but you should never underestimate the little guy. So the collaborative works in this exhibition, are just that.  Bob came up with the secondary title “Tread Lightly”, as a means of explaining these things could be found right under our feet, literally and figuratively. That’s the concept of the exhibition, a mere warning to be aware of your surroundings.”

Bob Peck says “The idea of treading lightly ranges from sidestepping a poisonous creature, to removing toxic people from your life.  Keep your head on a swivel and always be aware of your surroundings.  At the same time, we wanted to juxtaposition them with artistic flair and dynamic imagery.  Just because something is dangerous, doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful as well. ”

Bees, snakes, and more are all fair game for R!ch and Bob as they pair up on the new series of paintings.  R!ch creates highly detailed stenciled images and Bob works over, under, around and through them with his abstract style, using color and line work to help set the tone.  In the end, each collaborative piece ends with a harmonious mix of spray paint and acrylic paint that ensures excitement with its kinetic energy and unassuming dialog.

Also being released during the exhibition is the official “Don’t Panic!” affiliation pin.  An enamel pin featuring the Duo’s namesake for those who want to join the cause.

Opening Reception Friday May 17th 5p-9p

Closing Reception Friday June 21th 5p-9p


2016 Exhibitions & More

Hello Friends, a lot has happened to e11even 2 over the last few months and we’re ready to keep the excitement going.  We have doubled our space and we are planning our 2016 exhibition showcase.  We will no longer post general call outs for artists and exhibitions. But we will still be taking on new artists!  Here’s how!  Our new selection process will be by invitation or by artists who leave they’re business cards in our new artist business card fish bowl at the gallery for review.  We will be seeking inventive, motivated, and reliable artists for our gallery.  If you are interested in any of the upcoming or future exhibitions visit our upcoming events page and stop out and say hello.  We require artists to visit the gallery to make sure our style and expectations meet the artists expectations.   Artists can leave their information at the gallery for consideration or email the corresponding curator for more information.  New artists will be asked to provide at least 5 examples of their works, a website, a list of the last 3 exhibitions you’ve participated in, and must live within the greater Cleveland Area.


Jan/Feb: Collage 101 – A mixed media exhibition curated by R!ch Cihlar: more info at

Mar/April: A Pin Up Girl Exhibition (title: TBA) curated by Christina Sadowski: more info at

May/June: 27 – A group Exhbition on musicians who died at age 27 curated by Billy Nainiger more info at

July/Aug: TBA

Sept/Oct: Seinfeld Show (title: TBA) A group exhibition revolving around the 1990’s classic TV show Seinfeld curated by Billy Nainiger more info at

Nov/Dec: Group Exhibition (title: TBA) featuring R!ch Cihlar, Billy Nainiger, & Christina Sadowski (private show)