Yada, Yada, Yada… A Seinfeld Art Exhibition

Elaine and e11even2- color web

Yada, Yada, Yada… A Seinfeld Art Exhibition opens Friday, September 16th from 5p-9p at e11even 2. It’s a show about nothing… well not really. This art exhibition features a dozen artists highlighting their favorite Seinfeld moments in the form of artwork.

Seinfeld, who hasn’t said a quote from the iconic 90’s sitcom, says curator and gallery owner Billy Nainiger? “I wanted our guests to react with enthusiasm, especially if they are fans of the show. The TV show so engrained in popular culture and most people can connect to it in some way.”

The exhibition will feature nearly 50 works of art, a partial installation of Jerry’s apartment and many other surprises. This exhibition is free and open to the public, and is family friendly.

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

Chicken nuggets for everyone!  Thank you everyone who voted for us on the Cleveland Hot List.  And thank you everyone for continuously coming out to our events and supporting the arts.  We at E11even 2 work very hard to not only create art, but to bring our community together and celebrate art and friends at our openings.  We are grateful to be a part of the Cleveland art scene, and we will continue to do our part in the Cleveland art scene.  THANK YOU!!!  – R!ch, Christina & Billy


What’s the Deal with E11even 2?

seinfeld.jpg Well the cats out of the bag! Known for their Pop Art and contemporary vibe: E11even 2 is having an art exhibition for the beloved and timeless television series, Seinfeld. We invite guests to prepare for a hilarious exhibition for all ages. Come see your favorite catch phrase and scenes from the series interpreted by professional artists. Festivus! Shrinkage! Newman! Along with many more hilarious outtakes from the 90’s hit sitcom. Stay tuned for more information and sneak peeks. And All guests who attend will have a donation made in their name to the Human Fund!

September 16- October 21 2016

Interested artists can contact Billy Nainiger/Curator for consideration: billynainiger@hotmail.com

Lucky Charms – July 15th

Typewriter by Andy Dreamingwolf

If Cleveland wasn’t feeling lucky already, the Lucky Charms exhibition will provide more elements of good fortune for Clevelanders.

Opening July 15th from 5p-9p at E11even 2, the works of Andy Dreamingwolf, Randy Maxin and R!ch Cihlar will be on display. The term, Lucky Charms, means so many things to so many people, but all elements of this exhibition will reflect on some of those feelings.

Dreamingwolf says “I’m genuinely fascinated by objects in which their outcome or output is based on their given users actions with said items. It’s a sort of “luck is what you make it” analogy. To me when a “Lucky Charm” is stripped of its habit and superstition, the core you’re left with is comfort. And that can come in many forms, be it confidence, memories, or tangibles.

R!ch says “When I typically think of lucky charms, I think of cliché items like horseshoes, rabbits feet, or a four leafed clover, but I also realize that there are so many other objects or thoughts that make me feel lucky. My works will reflect both of those ideas of traditional and nontraditional lucky charms.”

Maxin says “I feel lucky everyday, having the friends and family that I do. My pieces will reflect more of the sentiment behind the objects in the form of patterns and repetition. The idea that everyday is a good day… or a lucky day.”

Collage 101 – Get Schooled on Mixed Media

collage 101 digital cardCollage 101 is no entry-level exhibition. This mixed media show featuring 10 artists who specialize in found objects, non-traditional collage, and fabrics. This exhibition highlights an underrated fine art medium and serves it up with an A+ grade.

Featured artists are: Diana Bjel, Nicole Edwards, Bridget Ginley, Randy Maxin, Leslie Edwards Humez, Jessica Pinsky, Billy Nainiger, R!ch Cihlar, Christina Sadowski, Mary Anne Tipple

Opening Reception January 15, 2016 5-9pm

Closing Reception February 19, 2016 5-9pm

Beatles, Ringo, Starr, John, Lennon, Paul, McCartney, George, Harrison, Cleveland, e11even 2

Win a FREE Beatles Print this Thursday on the Sting!

print with names proof 3Hey Everyone, WBWC- The Sting – 88.3 Clevelands Modern Rock radio station will be hosting a Beatles Marathon this Thursday August 6th.  Listen online or on the radio all day long for great Beatles tunes and interviews.  We gave them 10 of these Beatles prints to give away durning the marathon.  They measure 18 x 24 inches.  They are the collectors print from our current exhibition “Cleveland Artists’ Lonely Art Club Show” at e11even 2.  And! don’t forget to stop out to the closing reception of “Cleveland Artists’ Lonely Art Club Show” on August 21st from 5-9p.  We have plenty more prints available if you don’t win one on the radio along with other great art work.  Good Luck!

Cleveland Artists’ Lonely Art Club Show

beatles flyer front
beatles flyer back
Cleveland Artists’ Lonely Art Club Show, now that’s a tongue twister. E11even 2 isn’t playing around when it comes to the Fab 4. Beatles fan and gallery owner Billy Nainiger says, “we love pulling artists together to create solid art like this collaboration piece. And you can’t go wrong with the Beatles”. The focal piece of the CALACS is a 6f-8in x 9ft-4in Sargent Peppers Mural, created by 33 Cleveland artists (to be unveiled at the opening). Each artist was given a 16 inch square canvas to reproduce one section of the puzzle (provided by e11even 2) in their own unique style. Some pieces range from spray paint and collage to fabric and vinyl. “It’s really an impressive piece to see in person, the textures come to life,” says gallery owner Christina Sadowski.

In addition to the mural, the 33 artists were also assigned one of the 12 songs on the Sgt. Pepper album to interpret as fine art, which will be on display. An edition print of the mural will be on hand at the opening reception along with other surprises.

This is a must see show for any Beatles fan. This event will be held during the 3rd Friday events at the 78th Street Studios.
Opening Reception July 17th 5-9p
Closing Reception Aug. 21st 5-9p