Wanderlust: Featured Photography by Christina Sadowski

Wanderlust is the next featured exhibition at E11even 2 gallery opening on Friday, January 18th, 2019.  Photographer and gallery owner, Christina Sadowski sets out to capture the world around us in her travels near and far with a new body of photographs.

Sadowski says “Wanderlust’s definition is the strong desire to travel. And after this year I can safely say that term embodies what I am.”  The exhibition will feature over twenty architectural and landscape photos from Sadowski’s 2018 journeys.  These journeys include but are not limited to Oregon, Kentucky, Switzerland, Germany, The Czech Republic, France and more.  

Sadowski states, “2018 has taken me on quite an adventure, mentally, physically, and emotionally.  I anticipate my photos offer some insight to my  past excursions, and perpetuate guests to take their own adventures and voyages.

Opening Reception Friday January 18, 2019

Closing Reception Friday February 15, 2019