Lucky Charms – July 15th

Typewriter by Andy Dreamingwolf

If Cleveland wasn’t feeling lucky already, the Lucky Charms exhibition will provide more elements of good fortune for Clevelanders.

Opening July 15th from 5p-9p at E11even 2, the works of Andy Dreamingwolf, Randy Maxin and R!ch Cihlar will be on display. The term, Lucky Charms, means so many things to so many people, but all elements of this exhibition will reflect on some of those feelings.

Dreamingwolf says “I’m genuinely fascinated by objects in which their outcome or output is based on their given users actions with said items. It’s a sort of “luck is what you make it” analogy. To me when a “Lucky Charm” is stripped of its habit and superstition, the core you’re left with is comfort. And that can come in many forms, be it confidence, memories, or tangibles.

R!ch says “When I typically think of lucky charms, I think of cliché items like horseshoes, rabbits feet, or a four leafed clover, but I also realize that there are so many other objects or thoughts that make me feel lucky. My works will reflect both of those ideas of traditional and nontraditional lucky charms.”

Maxin says “I feel lucky everyday, having the friends and family that I do. My pieces will reflect more of the sentiment behind the objects in the form of patterns and repetition. The idea that everyday is a good day… or a lucky day.”


Board to Death: Aug 15, 2014

E11even 2’s exhibition “Board to Death”, a Skateboard Art Exhibit might just have guests taking on a new hobby. On Friday August 15th from 5-9pm, over 30 artists will have transformed over 100 skateboards in to works of art. Curator and gallery owner, R!ch Cihlar, says “There’s nothing boring about this show. Even if you’re not into skateboarding the problem solving and design work from these artists are incredible.”

The title Board to death is a play on words for those who have had creative/writers block and also using the word “board” from skateboard. This exhibition will have an array of styles, mediums, and genres to please everyone’s visual pallet.

Board to Death is a one day exhibition, featured during the 78th Street Studios 3rd Friday events. (3rd Friday events offer 40+ Galleries/Studios and nearly 180, 000 Square feet of art!)