Rock, Paper, Scissors, ROCK!

E11even 2’s exhibition “Rock, Paper, Scissors, ROCK!”, might just have guests throwing out their devil horns and lashing their hair all while checking out art work.  On Friday April 21st from 5-9pm, nearly 20 artists will participate in this rock and roll genre art event.   Curator and gallery owner, R!ch Cihlar, says “This show highlights all genres of rock music, sighting a specific band, solo artist, or song.  I listen to music while I make art, and it only seemed right to show the influence behind the art.”

The title Rock, Paper, Scissors is a play on words for those who remember that hand game of picking one of the those objects, but introduces a new and modern hand signal, the rock devil horns. This exhibition will have an array of styles, mediums, and rock genres to please everyone’s visual pallet.

Rock, Paper, Scissors, ROCK! runs from April 21st – May 19th 2017, featured during the 78th Street Studios 3rd Friday events. (3rd Friday events offer 40+ Galleries/Studios and nearly 180, 000 Square feet of art!)

Cleveland Artists’ Lonely Art Club Show

beatles flyer front
beatles flyer back
Cleveland Artists’ Lonely Art Club Show, now that’s a tongue twister. E11even 2 isn’t playing around when it comes to the Fab 4. Beatles fan and gallery owner Billy Nainiger says, “we love pulling artists together to create solid art like this collaboration piece. And you can’t go wrong with the Beatles”. The focal piece of the CALACS is a 6f-8in x 9ft-4in Sargent Peppers Mural, created by 33 Cleveland artists (to be unveiled at the opening). Each artist was given a 16 inch square canvas to reproduce one section of the puzzle (provided by e11even 2) in their own unique style. Some pieces range from spray paint and collage to fabric and vinyl. “It’s really an impressive piece to see in person, the textures come to life,” says gallery owner Christina Sadowski.

In addition to the mural, the 33 artists were also assigned one of the 12 songs on the Sgt. Pepper album to interpret as fine art, which will be on display. An edition print of the mural will be on hand at the opening reception along with other surprises.

This is a must see show for any Beatles fan. This event will be held during the 3rd Friday events at the 78th Street Studios.
Opening Reception July 17th 5-9p
Closing Reception Aug. 21st 5-9p