Celebrate Our Day with a Par-Day!

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Rock, Paper, Scissors, ROCK!

E11even 2’s exhibition “Rock, Paper, Scissors, ROCK!”, might just have guests throwing out their devil horns and lashing their hair all while checking out art work.  On Friday April 21st from 5-9pm, nearly 20 artists will participate in this rock and roll genre art event.   Curator and gallery owner, R!ch Cihlar, says “This show highlights all genres of rock music, sighting a specific band, solo artist, or song.  I listen to music while I make art, and it only seemed right to show the influence behind the art.”

The title Rock, Paper, Scissors is a play on words for those who remember that hand game of picking one of the those objects, but introduces a new and modern hand signal, the rock devil horns. This exhibition will have an array of styles, mediums, and rock genres to please everyone’s visual pallet.

Rock, Paper, Scissors, ROCK! runs from April 21st – May 19th 2017, featured during the 78th Street Studios 3rd Friday events. (3rd Friday events offer 40+ Galleries/Studios and nearly 180, 000 Square feet of art!)


Jimi by Christina SadowskiTwenty Seven, an age many of us remember; but some were not so fortunate.  E11even 2 will remind everyone, with art, why life is so precious in their next exhibit entitled 27.  Works will feature musicians who passed away at the early age of 27 years old.  The opening reception will be Friday May 20th from 5p-9p.

Participating Artists: Jason Milburn, Andrew Shondrick, Donna Fischer, Leslie Edwards Humez, Nicole Edwards, Melanie Agnich, Jessica Maron, Laura Dumm, Gary Dumm, Eileen Dorsey, Randy Maxin, Dan Nainiger, Billy Nainiger, R!ch Cihlar, Christina Sadowski


For the Love of Art – Feb 21

loveE11even 2 is hosting “For the Love of Art” an exhibit as true and simple as its name.  We as artists generate visual pieces for the sake of doing what we were born to do, create.  This exhibit is not a traditional Valentines day event with mushy love letters or commercial red roses, but it’s an every day interpretation of the word “Love”.   Please join artists R!ch Cihlar, Christina Sadowski, and Billy Nainiger as they showcase their love and passion for art.

For the Love of Art

Feb. 21, 2014 5p-9p

Art Grab Bags for $20

grab bagWe’re getting ramped up for our grand opening on Friday January 17th, from 5-9pm. One of our fun factors is this art grab bag. Each grab bag has 10 pieces of art ranging from original pieces to signed prints and more. The bags are stapled together, so no peaking. The value of the contents is averaged to be $30-$100 in value, and sometimes more! If you’re looking to start an instant collection of art, this is the way to do it. We hope you can make it out to our grand opening. Along side our grand opening, guests will be able to see up to 50 other art studios, galleries and spaces open within the 78th Street Studios.