The Boardroom: A Skateboard Art Exhibition on January 20


boardroom-postcardThe Boardroom is not just a meeting place for executives. It’s a Skateboard Art Exhibition that might have guests taking on a new hobby. Nearly 30 artists will have transformed over 70 skateboards in to works of art. Opening Reception will be on Friday, January 20th, 2017 from 5p-9p at E11even 2.

Participating Artists include: Sergio Andjuar II, Jeff Balazs, R!ch Cihlar, Ian Cramer, Eileen Dorsey, Jared Gepperth, Jim Giar, Mark “Fat Daddy” Hagstrom, Jeff Hulligan, Erin Jesson, George Kocar, Matt Kokoski, Rachel Latina, Perris Mackey, Randy Maxin, Ashley Nagel, Billy  Nainiger, Dan Nainiger, Bob Peck, Ashley Ross, Christina Sadowski, Robert Sadowski, Rick Sans, Andrew Shondrick, Mark Shivey, Steve Simmons, Dawn Tekler, Garrett Weider, Mark Yasenchack, And More.

Additonal Support by Graffiti Heart.

Board to Death: Aug 15, 2014

E11even 2’s exhibition “Board to Death”, a Skateboard Art Exhibit might just have guests taking on a new hobby. On Friday August 15th from 5-9pm, over 30 artists will have transformed over 100 skateboards in to works of art. Curator and gallery owner, R!ch Cihlar, says “There’s nothing boring about this show. Even if you’re not into skateboarding the problem solving and design work from these artists are incredible.”

The title Board to death is a play on words for those who have had creative/writers block and also using the word “board” from skateboard. This exhibition will have an array of styles, mediums, and genres to please everyone’s visual pallet.

Board to Death is a one day exhibition, featured during the 78th Street Studios 3rd Friday events. (3rd Friday events offer 40+ Galleries/Studios and nearly 180, 000 Square feet of art!)