78th St. Studios

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What is 78th Street Studios?

78th Street Studios is the largest art and design complex in Northeast Ohio, filled with close to 40 retail galleries, artist studios, design showrooms, and other creative spaces all under one roof. Primarily known as an attraction for fine art, 78th Street Studios has also been growing as an incubator for businesses in the fields of product design, publishing, music, fashion and special events.

Located at the west end of the Gordon Square Arts District, the property’s popularity began in 2000 with a devoted fan base eager to experience a somewhat “hidden” arts colony. Over the last decade, buzz around the building’s monthly art walk, called THIRD FRIDAYS, now attracts more than 1200 people within a four hour period. When the property isn’t playing host to its own event, multiple spaces throughout the building are being rented to corporations, organizations, and individuals for their own private functions, making the industrial ambiance of the 78th Street Studios a year-round attraction.

Building History

Like many mammoth warehouses found in Cleveland, the 78th Street Studios has a rich history dating back to 1905 when the structure was built. Originally home to the Baker Electric Motor Vehicle Company, the property bustled with the specialized production of automobiles for the commercial market. Within the bones of the building, visitors can often find original hardwood floors, metal track doors, and old freight elevators where the vehicles were taken down to the loading docks for distribution until 1914. Years later through the 1980’s, the building was home to American Greetings’ Creative Studios, before they consolidated into a corporate headquarters building in Brooklyn, OH.

More interesting facts about 78th Street Studios:

  • Cleveland Magazine’s 2012 cover shot of its Most Interesting People issue features the award winners in front of our building’s freight elevator doors.
  • Arhaus staged one of it’s catalog shoots inside the building to feature dining room and bedroom collections in an industrial setting.
  • Corian used to have a production facility on the first floor, where many of its original countertops were fabricated.
  • Jakprints, a nationally-known offset printing and apparel printing company, started in this building until it expanded to a larger facility in Downtown Cleveland.
  • Strhess Clothing an indie apparel company, began on the third floor of this building inside the studio of internationally acclaimed artist, Derek Hess, until it expanded into a larger production and distribution facility in Cleveland.
  • Lava Room Recording, a former music studio on the first floor, hosted INXS and Creed to develop new projects.
  • Papa Roach, Warrant, and The Pussycat Dolls all recorded music here.
  • smARTspace at 78th hosted New Kids On The Block for a fan appreciation event.
  • Tom Wilson, the illustrator of Ziggy, was the former art director for American Greetings when their creative staff was based here.

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